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Many moons ago, many sunrises ago, Gaia called to me, and I listened. Since then, I have been sharing her message. As are you. For she is the essence of our being, the calling of the soul, the oneness of our dream, and as consciousness arises, Gaia smiles.

~Meenakshi Suri

Regularity is very important. Regularity puts you into a habit and the entire bio-clock and the system gets ready for that particular moment. So while we’re doing it, maybe round the clock, we still fix up a time, which is a definite time  –  like the Islam people. You would notice, that when it is their Namaaz time — their prayer time — whatever they are doing, they will drop everything and wherever they are, even if they are on the road, they will stop the car, offer their prayers at that particular moment. Regularity of a particular moment is very important. So doing it ’round the clock within yourself, is one thing, but doing it at the same point of time everyday.

Just like our bio-clock starts responding to hunger, to sleep; similarly, the spiritual energy also starts gearing up and getting ready for the prayer when you start doing it regularly –  at the same moment every day. So I would request each one of you to at least have some sort of regularity, preferably daily – maybe even five minutes is okay – but do it every day at the same point of time, 5:00 o’ clock in the morning, 6:00 o’ clock in the morning, 9:00 o’ clock in the morning; 9.09 at morning or night, whatever. But, do it at the same time every day at least once. That will put you into a system whereby your system is going to respond to the universal call. This is what I want to tell each one of you. Please try to be regular so far as the clock is concerned.

~ Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’


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