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Many moons ago, many sunrises ago, Gaia called to me, and I listened. Since then, I have been sharing her message. As are you. For she is the essence of our being, the calling of the soul, the oneness of our dream, and as consciousness arises, Gaia smiles.

~Meenakshi Suri

This month, our community has grown as people are joining from Australia, Mozambique, Romania,  Russia, and the states of California, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, in the USA.
sacred heart mountain
There is no doubt that many join silently, not signing on to any of our different groups. We are grateful when you show your presence so that we can all know that together, we are participating in regular daily practice.

Regularity is very important. Regularity puts you into a habit and the entire bio-clock and the system gets ready for that particular moment. So while we’re doing it, maybe round the clock, we still fix up a time, which is a definite time..
~Swami Shraddananda, ‘Eli’

Listen to Swami Shraddhananda discussing the Gaia Minute :

909 gaia minute kes

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