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Many moons ago, many sunrises ago, Gaia called to me, and I listened. Since then, I have been sharing her message. As are you. For she is the essence of our being, the calling of the soul, the oneness of our dream, and as consciousness arises, Gaia smiles.

~Meenakshi Suri

Being born on the earth is the highest honor and greatest privilege. To be alive as human beings gives us the chance to pull off exquisite and Herculean feats of magic that are not possible in nirvana or heaven or any other so-called paradise, higher dimension, or better place.
Rob Brezsny American Author, Storyteller and Rock Musician Pronoia: The Antidote To Paranoia


Every day, be thankful to our Mother Earth.

This is the message of the Gaia Minute.

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