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It is not just for our life – although that would be wonderful

Not just for Mother Earth – although that is wonderful

Our daily wordless prayer is for the universe.


…collective prayers are much more powerful than individual prayers. it is very important for all of us to pray together simultaneously at the same time to give it sufficient positive energy which will merge with the universal consciousness and give us the blessings and would heal the entire universe.. ~ Swami Shraddhananda, ‘Eli’ for the Gaia Minute prayer project



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In September 2009, the 9th month of the 9th year in this century, Swami Shraddhananda’s message of daily prayer went out into the world as  9:09 The Gaia Minute

“Please let everyone know that I am deeply moved and I feel whatever is evolving is THE RIGHT EVOLUTION, and is guided by DIVINE WILL.

We have a long way to go, but it is an auspicious beginning already. Just observe how Divine Will works. The number 9 was predestined to appear though it looks like WE decided on 9. The number 9 is the most humanitarian of all numbers. Humanitarian, warm, responsive, compassionate, self sacrificing, universalist philosophy, community orientation, etc. are its typical characteristics.”
~ Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’ Sept. 15, 2009

9:09 The Gaia Minute ~ Daily Gratitude ~ Together

Swamiji Shraddnananda Eli

This month, our community has grown as people are joining from Australia, Mozambique, Romania,  Russia, and the states of California, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, in the USA.
sacred heart mountain
There is no doubt that many join silently, not signing on to any of our different groups. We are grateful when you show your presence so that we can all know that together, we are participating in regular daily practice.

Regularity is very important. Regularity puts you into a habit and the entire bio-clock and the system gets ready for that particular moment. So while we’re doing it, maybe round the clock, we still fix up a time, which is a definite time..
~Swami Shraddananda, ‘Eli’

Listen to Swami Shraddhananda discussing the Gaia Minute :

909 gaia minute kes

Swami Shraddhananda’s message of a daily prayer project has sparked another service: Sync Gaia Hug with others like Key’s Midwife who have the same feeling – synchronize! In other words, Get Together, Collective prayer, Simultaneous focus, Get in Sync.

This describes a way of synchronizing our practice of  the Gaia Minute by using the tool of clock-time, the UTC, or Universal Time Coordinated.

The tool is :
Use the first half-hour of any UTC hour for a prayer, meditative, mindful focus in love, gratitude for Mother Earth and all beings.

But what is a UTC hour? Why not just say – first hour of every hour?

That is because some countries, and India comes to mind immediately, have a half-hour offset of time with the UTC.  [See more offsets here] In simple language, when it’s –  say –  04:00  UTC, it will be 21:30 [9.30 pm.] in India [IST] . So, to practice the Gaia Minute at the same time as others around the world, which is the FIRST HALF HOUR, in India, we will need to practice in the  SECOND HALF HOUR IST. In other words, to get in sync with people who are in mindful focus from 04:00-04:30 UTC, in India we’ve to be in focus at 21:30- 22:00 hours. Get it?

Now it’s NOT important what is the exact UTC time. Once you know your offset, just remember when you need to get in sync.: First half hour, second half hour, or something else. Again, check the offset at your location.

The Gaia Minute events, like other global online events,  use the UTC/GMT to convey time, because that is the convenient way for everyone to understand what time an event is in their own time zone.

It is simple but somehow it takes time to master, because many countries also follow Daylight Savings Time. The latest information is  found  in two useful sites

To know more about these two measures of time

By now you’re probably wondering – where are those HUG(e) HUG(s) ? They’ve been here all along!

Here we are, cradled in Mother Earth’s arms, embracing the gift of time that she has provided us by her rotations and revolutions, sunrises, sunsets and seasons, learning about time from clocks, computers and other tools made by  her human children. Do you feel gratitude rising from your heart, a huge wave of love pouring out from the Earth to you, and from you to the Earth?
Ah, we are all embraced in those HUG(e) HUG(s),  merging in Gaia.

It can be as simple as that. Wherever you are, walk into the Hug. You will be in sync.

hug med time

Sync Gaia Hug.

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