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MASS MOVEMENT involving few thousand people who are praying
SIMULTANEOUSLY (at the same time in this space-time continuum dimension) is what is required to channelize the healing force. At present, these efforts are getting “scattered” because on non-simultaneous occurrences.
~ Swami Shraddhananda

This project asks only that you observe solemn and spiritual silence with gratitude for our Mother Earth and all the ways she cares for us as part of herself. May we understand in our hearts how deep and true and powerful her Mother-love for each of us is. We are some part of her. May we be mindful that our highest qualities are a reflection of her highest qualities. May we be mindful that our Mother Earth is the source of all sustenance and the nurturing of our very lives. In contemplation, may we realize truly our inextricable ONENESS with our Mother Earth.

~Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’, the Gaia Minute projectswami-shraddhananda

In the silence of serene smile, we feel grateful to our Mother Earth and her nurturing of us, her children
Share this message with all. Gaia is calling.
Our Mother Earth with all beings, sentient and insentient.
gaia is calling

Start with a wish, but don’t stop there. Turn it into intention.

Start with intention, but don’t stop there. Turn it into prayer

Start with a prayer, but don’t stop there. Let it reach the presence of the One Self.

When you are here, we are here. When we are here, we are one. We are the One Self.

When we are One, we are wordless, for all that needs to be wished, intended and prayed for, has come to be.

Every day, at the same time, connect with Gaia. The blessings that flow are indescribable.


The best prayer is a wordless prayer ~ Swami Shraddhananda, ‘Eli’

Although we know that the blessings are around,
but to be aware of the blessings
we’re to put our palm the right way up
so that it comes into our palm.
That is the prayer which has the maximum power.

~ Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’

hug med time

It is not just for our life – although that would be wonderful

Not just for Mother Earth – although that is wonderful

Our daily wordless prayer is for the universe.

…collective prayers are much more powerful than individual prayers. it is very important for all of us to pray together simultaneously at the same time to give it sufficient positive energy which will merge with the universal consciousness and give us the blessings and would heal the entire universe.. ~ Swami Shraddhananda, ‘Eli’ for the Gaia Minute prayer project

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Swamiji Shraddnananda Eli

Sincere prayer by 1,500-2,000 people EACH day at the SAME appointed time~ Swami Shraddhanada ‘Eli’

In September 2009, the 9th month of the 9th year in this century, Swami Shraddhananda’s message of daily prayer went out into the world as  9:09 The Gaia Minute

“Please let everyone know that I am deeply moved and I feel whatever is evolving is THE RIGHT EVOLUTION, and is guided by DIVINE WILL.

We have a long way to go, but it is an auspicious beginning already. Just observe how Divine Will works. The number 9 was predestined to appear though it looks like WE decided on 9. The number 9 is the most humanitarian of all numbers. Humanitarian, warm, responsive, compassionate, self sacrificing, universalist philosophy, community orientation, etc. are its typical characteristics.”
~ Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’ Sept. 15, 2009

9:09 The Gaia Minute ~ Daily Gratitude ~ Together

Swamiji Shraddnananda Eli

Being born on the earth is the highest honor and greatest privilege. To be alive as human beings gives us the chance to pull off exquisite and Herculean feats of magic that are not possible in nirvana or heaven or any other so-called paradise, higher dimension, or better place.
Rob Brezsny American Author, Storyteller and Rock Musician Pronoia: The Antidote To Paranoia


Every day, be thankful to our Mother Earth.

This is the message of the Gaia Minute.

Regularity is very important. Regularity puts you into a habit and the entire bio-clock and the system gets ready for that particular moment. So while we’re doing it, maybe round the clock, we still fix up a time, which is a definite time  –  like the Islam people. You would notice, that when it is their Namaaz time — their prayer time — whatever they are doing, they will drop everything and wherever they are, even if they are on the road, they will stop the car, offer their prayers at that particular moment. Regularity of a particular moment is very important. So doing it ’round the clock within yourself, is one thing, but doing it at the same point of time everyday.

Just like our bio-clock starts responding to hunger, to sleep; similarly, the spiritual energy also starts gearing up and getting ready for the prayer when you start doing it regularly –  at the same moment every day. So I would request each one of you to at least have some sort of regularity, preferably daily – maybe even five minutes is okay – but do it every day at the same point of time, 5:00 o’ clock in the morning, 6:00 o’ clock in the morning, 9:00 o’ clock in the morning; 9.09 at morning or night, whatever. But, do it at the same time every day at least once. That will put you into a system whereby your system is going to respond to the universal call. This is what I want to tell each one of you. Please try to be regular so far as the clock is concerned.

~ Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’


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